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Karen has worked on behalf of children throughout her career. With a Masters in Education degree in counseling, Karen started out as a mental health counselor in Wisconsin conducting therapy and crisis intervention work. When she moved to FL in the late 90s,  Karen used her skill base as a Case Manager for an outpatient brain and spinal cord unit before moving into the nonprofit sector, designing and leading youth development programs for children with special needs and social-economic challenges. These experience and her connections in the community, led her to work for Duval County Public Schools, the twentieth largest school district in the nation, leading the district’s strategic partnerships and community engagement efforts for six years. In 2012, she left the district to expand nationally using her abilities in building strategic partnerships and her knowledge of working within and in partnership with public school systems. Passionate about building healthy organizational cultures, successful teams, positive work-life balance, and collaborative partnerships, Karen earned a second master’s degree in organizational development and today uses her knowledge in cultivating successful strategic marketing programs and collaborative business partnerships for public education.  School Partnerships is thrilled to have Karen as part of our team leadership.  Karen can be reached at or 904-334-8476.