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Moving to Central Florida over 16 years ago from the New England state of Rhode Island, Jennifer brings to the table a strong work ethic and business-minded attitude when discussing the need to support our schools, teachers, students, and parents. Having attended college at 38 years old, the realization of attaining a college degree was paramount. By supporting our school districts, we enable our education system to provide all children the opportunity to acquire an understanding for a need to learn, and to further their education.

Jennifer worked 13 years with our business community for a local non-profit organization that assists job seekers, as well as local business owners. During that time she understood the prerequisite for giving the business owner ample information required to make an informed decision.
Jennifer has joined forces with the School Partnerships team to travel throughout Volusia County to encourage businesses to spend their advertising dollars on the future of this community……… the education of our children!

You can reach Jennifer at or 386-262-0977.